Florida Man Arrested for Stealing Used Tampons from Hotel Trash

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A belligerent 28-year-old was arrested this morning and charged with theft, trespassing and recording without consent, after suspicious hotel patrons reported that he was rifling through the maid carts at the Choice Inn located at 401 Kennedy Blvd in Tampa, Fla.

Paul Chang of Tampa is being held at the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in lieu of $7,500 bond.

Unusual Art

Chang was arrested shortly after 10 am on Wednesday when several guests reported that the suspect was rifling through the trash bags on carts and removing discarded tampons, soap and toilet paper rolls, and placing them in his backpack.

Deputy Fred Simmons stated, “inside Mr. Chang’s backpack we found used tampons, bits of old soap and torn toilet paper rolls.  He was specifically sorting through the trash for these three items and leaving everything else in the garbage.  It was disgusting.”

When asked by deputies why he was rifling through the trash he responded, “it is for an art project.”

Chang allegedly repeatedly asked the deputies for their names after taking out his cell phone and placing it on the floor in front of him, and announced that he was “documenting for YouTube.”.

The deputy noted in the affidavit that Chang was informed that he did not have the deputies’ permission to record and was therefore violating a state law. He continued to record until he was placed in custody. Florida is one of a small number of states that require that all parties consent to the recording of a conversation.

Chang has no previous record of arrests or convictions.  His court appearance is scheduled for May 29th.

Proposed Bill Bans Cell Phone Possession in Vehicles

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LOS ANGELES, CALIF. —  Just days after North Carolina Superior Court Judge Orlando Hudson issued an injunction delaying the enforcement of Chapel Hill, N.C.’s ban on using a cell phone while in a vehicle, a new bill to amend title 23, United States Code, now threatens to restrict mobile phone usage nationwide.

The federal ban would include any usage, including hands-free devices such as headset or a speakerphone built into a car.  The proposed legislation further mandates that mobile phones be stored in the trunk, or other area inaccessible to the occupants.  It would be prohibited for drivers or passengers to possess cellular phones inside a vehicle at anytime, even while parked.

If the law passes, vehicles with integrated phone systems would be required to have them removed or disabled.

Soon to be Illegal?

After introducing the new bill on Monday, Congresswoman Debbie Polaski stated in a press conference that, “cell phone usage in vehicles causes injuries and deaths and it is time we saved some lives.”

Garry Sampson, owner of Sampson’s Towing & Recovery, sued the Town of Chapel Hill over the local ordinance stating that, “its tow truck operators must use their phones to respond to inquiries regarding vehicles that have been towed and need to be released, and to call the police department to report illegally parked vehicles that they have towed.”

In his order, Hudson found Sampson must be able to use a mobile phone to comply with the town’s current towing regulations and to perform his business. The N.C. Attorney General, Jerry Marstel, had also officially advised the town of Chapel Hill that the state, not the town, has the “preemptive authority to regulate cell phone use by motorists in North Carolina.”

While other municipalities around the country have proposed or enacted laws to regulate cell phone use while driving, Chapel Hill, N.C. was the first town to attempt a complete ban.

The National Traffic Safety Administration has stated that mobile phone usage while driving can delay reaction time similar to having a blood alcohol concentration of .16, which is double the legal limit in most states.

If passed, the new law would apply nationwide, superseding state regulations and making it illegal to have a cell phone inside the cabin area of a vehicle at anytime.

“Batman Murders” Linked to LQP-79 “Zombie Virus?”

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Many have immediately begun to theorize about the motives of James Holmes, the gunman who, wearing a bulletproof vest, carried two handguns and a rifle into a suburban Denver, Colorado movie theater and opened fire at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises.  At least 12 people are dead and as many as 50 are injured in the “Batman Murders.”

Some health officials are speculating that this horrible massacre may be another manifestation of the LQP-79 virus, nicknamed “Zombie Virus” that is already responsible for over 3 dozen deaths and injuries.

Batman Murders

This shooting was planned and did not involve the consumption of  the victims’ body parts, which has been a defining factor in previous zombie attacks.  However, this may be due to the suspect’s prior disposition for violence, and a less advanced stage of LQP-79 infection.

According to Ray Stanik of the LQP-79 Task Force, “when victims are initially infected by the virus they exhibit paranoid and violent behavior and may be capable of more sophisticated attacks while at mild to moderate levels of infection.”

In contrast to Stanik’s concerns about the virus, there is conflicting government information stating that the virus does not exist.

Paul Standford of the Federal Emergency Task Force warned that there is a hoax email that is circulating on the internet that reads:


I have been hearing about a so called virus known as LQP-79 that started in miami [sic] with a homeless man. its supposedly a virus that causes brain deterioration and led the man to become canabalistic [sic]. It is also said to be highly contagious leading people to believe it will cause some kind of zombie apocalypse.


Standford stated that people should be advised that this email is false and urged, “if you receive the email you should delete it without forwarding it to anyone else.” According to Standford there is no LQP-79 virus.

Psychological and physiological testing will be done on James Holmes to help determine the motivation for the attack.

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